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Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lipstick

Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lipstick

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If you're searching for the perfect lipstick to complete your look, our Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lipsticks canvas add vibrant colors and finish to your lips without smudging or sticking. This Korean-made makeup is great for just about any occasion from daily wear to formal events. With five beautiful colors per tube, you can find the perfect match for any outfit. The texture of our non-stick cup lipsticks is ultra soft and comfortable on your lips, giving you a smooth application without clumps or dryness. After applying, these velvety mattes will stay put throughout the day, making sure your style remains polished even after hours of wear. Perfectly long lasting and supremely pigmented, our Matte Velvet Non-stick Cup Lippie Collection offers an exquisite way to accentuate your natural beauty.


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